About PRiSM

PRiSM is a secure, highly configurable web-based code signing and Access Token system offered by CommScope
PRiSM is designed and developed to meet the growing needs of different sectors within CommScope and many of CommScope partners. PRiSM supports code signing with standard RSA PKCS #1 and PKCS #7 based digital signatures and miscellaneous customized signing mechanisms. It also provides Access Tokens which enable debug and advanced management features on CommScope devices.

Feature Highlights

PRiSM supports standard RSA PKCS #1 and PKCS #7 based digital signatures. It also supports miscellaneous customized signing mechanisms.
PRiSM supports standard AES and RSA encryption and decryption operations
PRiSM enables debug or advanced management features on a device based on signed objects called Access Tokens. Access Token provides platform specific control or resource access flags. It provides encrypted JTAG key delivery.
PRiSM uses FIPS 140-2 level 3 hardware security modules to protect signing and encryption keys. It uses RSA securID for user authentication and multi-level user access and permission control.
All critical system components including hardware security modules and databases are configured for high availability to enable failover and maximize uptime. Redundant power with backup generators are in place to withstand power outages.
Disaster recovery configuration has the 2-site failover capability. A 24x7 support team is always available by phone or email.
Your product team managers can add and assign their team members without anyone getting in your way.
PRiSM is capable of generating custom, complex signing formats.
PRiSM logs all activity for statistical and security audit purposes.

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